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About the Artist

Orchestrate96, Utomwen Irabor is a recording artist born in Edo State, Nigeria. He moved to Houston, Texas in the United States at the age of 16 to study Chemical Engineering at a higher institution. Orchestrate96, pronounced "Nine Six" soon after found out listening to music served as an escape from stress and loneliness. He got inspired in 2018 and made his first professional song called 'Dirty Dance.' That song featured a friend who currently goes by Lil Ayo XO. Orchestrate released an EP independently in that same year. He named it 'Exposure.' In 2019, he dropped a mixtape 'Exposure 2.0.' That mixtape got him his first break into the public eyes.

Orchestrate96 is known for his grimy instrumental and extensive lyrics. The Bandcampdiaries describes his style: "His sound embodies the grit of the southern rap scene, meaning that his sound is energetic and direct, with massive bass tones and insightful lyrics with a personal twist." Songs such as 'Fish Tank,' and 'Mind (ft. Kevin Hues)' are prime examples of this description. Orchestrate96's most popular song is his single 'Fish Tank.' At the time of its release, the song 'Fish Tank' got him playlisted on Promoting Sounds Bass Songs for Car and Chill Rap playlists. Gaining him serious exposure.



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