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Recording Artist & Songwriter

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All Videos

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ORCHESTRATE96, Chili A.F. - Cherry on Top (feat. Andrew Burnett)

ORCHESTRATE96 - Freestyle pt. II (Intro)

ORCHESTRATE96 - UP (Official Music Video)

ORCHESTRATE96 - POP OUT (feat. OMB Bloodbath & Space KID)


About the Artist

Orchestrate96 is a professional Recording artist and songwriter in the genre of rap. Orchestrate96 was born in Edo State, Nigeria. The musician started his career in Houston, Texas, in 2018. He discovered that music can be a refuge in challenging times. Such as his academic challenges and his parent's separation. A humanitarian to the core, Orchestrate96 is a champion for building a strong community of genuine music lovers and uses his talent and passion for music to spread love, excitement, and the zeal to accomplish life goals. 


Orchestrate96 has built a name for himself as an energetic rapper with an invaluable ability to mix his musical and cultural perspectives in his music. As a teenager, Orchestrate96's love for music was indispensable. He would spend time listening to American Artists such as Sia, Ellie Goulding, Fun., Kendrick Lamar, Michael Jackson, and Maroon 5. He also appreciated talents from Nigeria such as Frank Edward, Style Plus, P-square, and more. Orchestrate96 also stands out for using massive bass tones and insightful lyrics that bring a personal twist to his music -- (thebandcampdiaries).

In the start, Orchestrate96 took to the studio alongside his friend to produce their first single “Dirty Dance.” Dirty Dance was produced by Eskry. Since then, the Artist has completed an Extended Play Album called Exposure and released an eight-song sequel called Exposure 2.0. Striving to become the best that he can ever be, Orchestrate96 has dropped the Young & Naive, a debut album released on July the 24th, 2020. Orchestrate96 is motivated by the desire to become an influential figure in rap. Orchestrate96 is working on the lyricism and commercial production of his sophomore album, Money Baby. A tenacious industry player, his passion for music has made him a lively person with a unique ability to build and maintain excellent working relationships. 



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